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Radiologia Brasileira (Brazilian Radiology; ISSN 0100-3984) is the official scientific publication of the Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem (CBR; Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging), a scientific entity that is a member of the Scientific Board of the Brazilian Medical Association. The CBR is focused on the publication of scientific papers of interest in the areas of radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, computed tomography, physics and biology of ionizing radiation, and magnetic resonance. Radiologia Brasileira is a bimonthly publication that circulates in February, April, June, August, October, and December of each year.
Radiologia Brasileira accepts the submission of manuscripts from reputable domestic and foreign authors. The journal publishes papers in Portuguese and English, and at the editors' discretion may publish papers in Spanish. Papers for publication must meet the standards for publication provided on this page and in the printed version of the journal.
Radiologia Brasileira was established in 1958. The original board consisted of:
President: Prof. Dr. José Maria Cabello Campos
General Secretary: Prof. Dr. Walter Bonfim Pontes
Treasurer: Prof. Dr. Antonio dos Santos Clemente Filho
Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Walter Bonfim Pontes
Since its inception, the journal has been overseen by the following editors:

1958/1967 - Walter Bonfim Pontes
1968/1979 - Rodolfo Roca
1980/1987 - Rubens Savastano
1988/1991 - Adilson Prando
1992/2001 - Giovanni Guido Cerri
2002/2010 - Giovanni Guido Cerri e Edson Marchiori
2011 - Edson Marchiori

When it was launched in 1958, Radiologia Brasileira was a quarterly publication circulating in March, June, September, and December. It became a bimonthly publication in the 1990s and remains such to this day. At the time of its introduction, the journal was the only means for the dissemination of scientific research by physicians dedicated to the areas of radiology and radiation therapy (radiotherapy) in Brazil. With the evolution of the medical sciences in general and radiology in particular, Radiologia Brasileira has become the national publication for scientific research in all fields of diagnostic imaging, as listed above.
The Board of the CBR and the Editorial Board of Radiologia Brasileira aim to maintain the uninterrupted publication of all issues and to comply strictly with stipulated publication deadlines.
The online version of Radiologia Brasileira offers access to volumes from 2001 through the present (including the English-language version from 2007 to present), and may be found on this website and on the SciELO website (
Citations of material from Radiologia Brasileira should abbreviate the journal title to Radiol Bras. This journal assumes no responsibility for the opinions expressed by the authors of the papers and published material contained therein.

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